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This page (in progress) will contain references to phenomenology of religious experience in a broad spectrum of phenomenological approaches including, but not limited to, those by Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Stein, Fink, Conrad-Martius, Tymieniecka, Levinas, Luijpen, Marion, Henry, Ricoeur, Marcel, Derrida, Laconte, Chauvet, St. Thomas Aquinas, Wojtyla,  Ales Bello and Ingarden, as well as resources in comparative phenomenology.


Centro Italiano di Ricerche Fenomenologiche  [and the work of Angela Ales Bello, has pdfs of her papers]

The Boston Phenomenology Circle

Phenomenology General Links

Phenomenology Newsletter Archive

Silverman Center at Duquesne Universtity

The Phenomenology of Life

La gazette d’Aliahova : actualité de Michel Henry

Michel Henry Archives at University of Louvain



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