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New Movements in Religion is dedicated to opening up dialogue about matters of divinity, the numinous, mystery, faith, from postmodern and post/non-orthodox perspectives. The articles found here have been written by scholars and experts in their fields but are addressed to a general audience. All files are free to download and share; may our paths be stimulating.  

 Magazzino di Filosofia

This page (in progress) will contain references to phenomenology of religious experience in a broad spectrum of phenomenological approaches including, but not limited to, those by Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Stein, Fink, Conrad-Martius, Tymieniecka, Levinas, Luijpen, Marion, Henry, Ricoeur, Marcel, Derrida, Laconte, Chauvet, St. Thomas Aquinas, Wojtyla,  Ales Bello and Ingarden, as well as resources in comparative phenomenology.


Centro Italiano di Ricerche Fenomenologiche  [and the work of Angela Ales Bello, has pdfs of her papers]

The Boston Phenomenology Circle

Phenomenology General Links

The Yearbook of History and Interpretation of Phenomenology, edited by Jana Trajtelova

Phenomenology Newsletter Archive

Silverman Center at Duquesne Universtity

The Phenomenology of Life

La gazette d’Aliahova : actualité de Michel Henry

Michel Henry Archives at University of Louvain

Webinar resources

Supplementary Readings for Summer/Fall 2020 Logical Investigations Webinar (Click Link)


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