Pandemic Webinar: Recordings

Introduction and Session 1: Divine Science, UnGodly Religion?

Michael Staudigl & Jason Alvis: Why a Conference about Irrationality and Religion during a Pandemic? Andrew Oberg: Enervating the Divine Nataliya Shok: Christian Bioethics and Resilience of Soviet Heritage in Russia During Covid-19: Does a “Science and Religion” Concept Exist in Medicine? Daniel Conway: Paneloux: COVID Lessons from Camus

Session 1 continued

Bruce Ellis Benson (University of St. Andrews): Which God Will Save Us? The Salvific Mythoi of Science and Religion in a Age of Pandemic Olga Louchakova-Schwartz: Pandemics: The Blind Spot of Reason

Session 2: Home Alone and the Absence of Social Reason

Yu-Ming Stanley Goh: O Reason, Where Art Thou? : The Rationality of Conversion and a Pedagogical Response to the Pandemic Emil Salim: Stabilitas in Congregatione: Navigating The Stay-at-Home Order with Benedictine Stability During the Coronovirus Pandemic Walter Scott Stepanenko: W.E.B. Du Bois and Ecclesial Rationality in “Of the Faith of the Fathers”

Session 3: Making Relevance Together vs. the Limits of Reasoning (All) Alone

Michael Barber: The COVID Virus as Imposed Relevance Sevgi Demiroglu: The Levels of (Ir)Rationality during Pandemics: the Case of Üfürükçü

Session 4: Religion after The Crisis

Tripp Fuller & Sarah Lane Ritchie: Of Monuments and Matter: Beyond a Return to Normal Carl Raschke: Why there will not be a Great Spiritual Revival after the Pandemic Simeon Theojaya: Essentiality and Proximity in Times of Crises: Anthropodicy Beyond the Limits of Reason Alone

Session 5: The Transformative Resources of Religion vs Human Arrogance

Enrico Cerasi: The Bare Life and Faith in Christ. Some Remarks on the Spread of Covid Todd DuBose: Virally Masked Transcendence: Once Again Flying too Close to the Sun

Session 6: Subjection, Subjectivity, and Bad Subjects

Mirela Oliva: How to Reasonably Wait for the End of the World: Aquinas and Heidegger on the Thessalonians Jason Alvis: Persecuted Tyrants with Christian Masks: Analyzing the Victimhood of Some Evangelical Authority Figures During a Pandemic James Mensch: Subjectivity in the Age of Pandemics

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