2020 Phenomenology of Religious Experience IV: Religious Experience and Description

OPEN THEOLOGY, Volume 6, Issue 1 (Jan 2020)


Religious Experience and Description: Introduction to the Topical Issue Olga Louchakova-Schwartz 

Being and Time-less Faith: Juxtaposing Heideggerian Anxiety and Religious Experience Jonathan Lyonhart

Some Moments of Wonder Emergent within Transcendental Phenomenological Analyses James G. Hart

The Fruits of the Unseen: A Jamesian Challenge to Explanatory Reductionism in Accounts of Religious Experience Walter Scott Stepanenko 

Reading in Phenomenology: Heidegger’s Approach to Religious Experience in St. Paul and St. Augustine Jonathan O’Rourke 

Noetic and Noematic Dimensions of Religious Experience Michael David Barber 

On Music, Order, and Memory: Investigating Augustine’s Descriptive Method in the Confessions Jessica Wiskus 

Religious Experience, Pragmatic Encroachment, and Justified Belief in God Alex R Gillham 

Experiencing Grace: A Thematic Network Analysis of Person-Level Narratives Tine Schellekens, Annemie Dillen,  and Jessie Dezutter

Senseless Pain in the Phenomenology of Religious Experience Emil Salim 

The Invisible and the Hidden within the Phenomenological Situation of Appearing Martin Nitsche 

The Phenomenal Aspects of Irony according to Søren Kierkegaard Maria Gołębiewska

To Hear the Sound of One’s Own Birth: Michel Henry on Religious Experience Jan Černý

Is There Such a Thing as “Religion”? In Search of the Roots of Spirituality Bruce Ellis Benson

Transliminality: Comparing Mystical and Psychotic Experiences on Psycho-Phenomenological Grounds Patricia Feise-Mahnkopp

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