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Keynote Talks

Bruce Ellis Benson (University of St. Andrews): “Is there Such a Thing as Religious Experience?: Eine Rückfrage nach dem Ursprung der Spiritualität”

Lea Schweitz (Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago): “Phenomenological Insights for an Urban Theology of Nature”

Peter Costello (Providence College): “Imagining the Source—Jesus as a Phenomenon of Self-Forgetfulness” (video)

Presidential Address

Martin Nitsche (Insititute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences): “Religious Experience and Descriptive Models of Transitive-Topological Phenomenology” (slides and lecture)


Michael Barber (Saint Louis University): “Does the object of religious experience make any difference to the experience itself? Schutz and Scheler on the Noetic and Noematic dimensions of religious experience”

Gordon Bermant (University of Pennsylvania): “Going Up? Metaphors of Direction and Identity in Religious Phenomenology and Buddhism”

Virgil Brower (Charles University): “Experiences of God, Time & Environment: Seasoning Serres, Nicholas & Eckhart with Heidegger, Hopkins & Derrida”

Drew Chastain (Loyola University): “The Normativity of the Spiritual Experience”

Donald Borrett (University of Toronto): “The Nature of Religious Experience: The role of a Naturalized Phenomenology”

Bruno Cassara (Fordham University): “Religious Experience as the Hermeneutics of Desire”

Veronica Cibotaru (University Paris-Sorbonne / Bergische University Wuppertal): “How is a phenomenological description of the religious experience possible?”

Matt Clemons (Stony Brook University): ” Nietzsche’s Genealogical Method and Religious Experience”

William L. Connelly (The Catholic University of Paris): “The Backlash of Maurice Blondel upon Phenomenology: Towards a Metaphysics of the Bond and a Phenomenology of Force in Religious Experience”

Hessam Dehghani (Boston College): “Pilgrimage of Hajj: the Transformation of Laws in “Following” Islam”

Nicholas Denysenko (Valparaiso University): “Describing the Inexplicable: Methodological Issues in Narratives of Orthodox Liturgical Experience”

Sevgi Demiroglu (Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinaga): “The Timeless Interaction of Object and Flesh: The Study of Zanjeer in Understanding Religious Experience”

Neal DeRoo (The King’s University): “Distinguishing Four Levels of the Phenomenological Analysis of Religion”

Randy Dible (The New School for Social Research): “From The Syntax of Time to a Phenomenology of the Spheres”

Todd DuBose (Chicago School of Professional Psychology): “E Nomine Abyssi: Toward a Sans Dys-course.”

Siobhan Doyle (University College Dublin): “Kierkegaard: The True Nature of God and Faith.”

Patricia Feise-Mahnkopp (Alanus University for Arts and Social Sciences): “Comparing Religious and Pathological Religious Experience
for the Benefit of a Phenomenological Psycho(patho)logy and Philosophy of Religion”

Scott Ferguson (University of Chicago): “Reduction, Tribunal, and Teleology; or, How to Avoid Despotism in Philosophy of Religion”

Alex R Gillham (St. Bonaventure University): “Religious Experience and the Principle of Scrutiny”

Steen Halling (Seattle University): “On Receiving Unexpected Gifts: Reflections on first-hand accounts of spiritual experiences”

James Hart (University of Indiana): “Some Quasi-Mystical Moments Emergent Within Transcendental Phenomenological Analyses”

C Peter Hertogh (VUB Brussels BE EU): “Ontological Argument Reconsidered As a Religious Thought Experiment”

Liz Jackson ( Australian National University): “Religious Experience and Faith: How Religious Experience Can Bridge the Gap Between Faith and Belief”

Longchar Karilemla (Phule Pune University, Pune, India): “Ao-Naga Religious Experience and Ethics: A Phenomenological Inquiry”

Patrick Laude (Georgetown University): “Approaches of the Indescribable in Advaita”

Chungsoo J. Lee ( Loyola University Chicago): “The Eucharist in Marion and in the Liturgy.”

Ryan R. Lemasters (Western Michigan University): “Religion Beyond the Brain: Liberating the Cognitive Science of Religion from its Canon”

Olga Louchakova-Schwartz (UC Davis): ““I am That”: Predicative Judgement Following the Vedantic Reduction”

Jonathan Lyonhart (Cambirdge University):  “Being and Time-less Faith: Juxtaposing Heideggerian Anxiety and Religious Experience”

Marina Marren (American University in Cairo): “Boundless Care: Lacoste’s Liturgical Being Refigured Through Heidegger’s Sorge”

Agnese Marianna Mikelsone (University of Latvia): “Gemstones as Religious Symbols: Revealing Religious Experience”

Tanner Morrison (Wilfrid Laurier University): “Global Missions, Church-Planting, and Spiritual Development: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of a Theologically Conservative Evangelical Pastor

Steven Nemes (Fuller Theological Seminary): “The Phenomenology of Scripture and the Word of God”

Kristóf Oltvai (The University of Chicago Divinity School): “Conscientious Objectivity: intellectual freedom and the problem of description in the early Luther’s critique of metaphysics”

Jonathan O’Rourke (National University of Ireland): “Heidegger on Reading St. Paul: Phenomenology and the Use of Religious Descriptions”

Michaela Podolny (University of Chicago): “Let Me Know Your Ways:” Givenness and Revelation in the Book of Exodus”

Bill Powers (independent scholar):” The Phenomenological Constitution of the Holy:  Charles Taylor, Espen Dahl and Scripture”

Aaron Preston (Valparaiso University): “Dallas Willard and the Phenomenology of Religious Experience”

Emil Salim (Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Reformed, Indonesia): “Senseless Pain in the Phenomenology of Religious Experience”

Martin Schwartz, UC Berkeley: “Zoroaster: Visionary Religious Experience Crafted into Poetic Structures”

Walter Scott Stepanenko (John Carroll University): “The Fruits of the Unseen: A Jamesian Critique of Explanatory Reductionism in Accounts of Religious Experience”

William D.O. Stanford (University of Georgia) and Griffin Klemick (University of Toronto): “Toward a Phenomenological Psychology of Adolescent Religious Experience”

Sally Stocksdale (Towson University): “Utilizing Michel Henry’s Radical Phenomenology to Analyze the Hesychastic Meditative Experience”

Daniela Verducci (University of Macerata): “The Religious Experience of the Soul in the Light of the Ontopoiesis of the Life of Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka”

Kelly Wadsworth (Alki UCC Church / Saybrook University / Seattle University”: “Profound transformation wrought by transcendental encounters”

Jessica Wiskus (Duquesne University): ” On the Musical Description of Religious Experience: Understanding the Temporal Structure of Transcendence through Augustine’s analysis of Deus, Creator Omnium in Confessions and De Musica”

Monika Zaviš (Comenius University): “Religious Experience of Muslim Believers Longing for Change in Critical Life Situations: Common and Diverse Religious Issues in Their Struggle with Infertility and Acculturation Process”

Paul Whittemore (Pepperdine University): “A Phenomenology of Change in Religion and Psychotherapy”

Douglas Zimmerman (University of South Florida): “On the Conditions of Religious Conversion”

Xiaochen Zhao (Columbia University): “Heidegger on Art and Religious Experience”

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